Dream Interpretation

How are dreams interpreted? By symbol that is! You wake up each morning, with a scene of a dream in your mind and all you have is a very unique symbol like a truck, or a rainbow that you vividly remember and that is how your start your dream search

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Is seeing a Frog Common?

Here is an dream meaning of a frog:


General Meaning: Change

Frogs are those uncommon animals found in nature that change drastically from what they used to be, to what they are currently. Frogs aren't frogs in the first place – they're tadpoles, forming into frogs. When you dream of a frog, you are going to change, or see a change happen exceptionally soon.

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Nightly Sleep

Nightly sleep is key to dreaming and remembering your dreams. We all dream! Not all of us can think back and recall it, so with a deep sleep, you can recall your dreams very easily each morning and this will allow you to do a dream search.

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Shhhh..... Let me dream

Create a magical place where you can go to bed every night. The place where you sleep needs to be a safe place for you to be truly at home and feel your safest possible. We think at times that we can go to sleep everywhere, which is true, but to really get into your sleep and have a stable pattern, this is important. Dream recall is easily done, as already mentioned above, and dreams are known to have prophetic meaning ( meaning they can  foretell your future). 


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